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Our in-house capabilities make it possible for us to produce many various sized parts for a number of industries. Check out our many different broaching techniques.

In-House Production Services

We currently broach 1000’s of different products for our customers—over 10,000,000 parts a year. With over 90 broach machines in stock, we have the ability to handle any job you may have. Any part that can be broached, we can broach it! Any quantity is possible with our services. From internal broaching and surface broaching to blind spine broaching, we can do it all. We work with different material types to broach many different shapes and sizes.

New Broach Tooling

We offer some of the largest inventories of stock broach tools on the market. There’s a wide variety to choose from, depending on the various sizes and lengths you require.

Broach Sharpening & Reconditioning

Save yourself money in the long run by taking care of your tools today. We’ll get your broaches working just like new.

Production Broaching

Providing turn-key broaching services for all broaching applications and materials. We offer surface, flat, spline, internal, external, and pot broaching.

Grinding & CNC Grinding

Get the end products you want with our CNC grinding services. Increase the versatility of your production and get more accurate results.

New/Used/Rebuilt – Broach Machines

We offer a wide variety of new, used and rebuilt broach machines, depending on your need and budget required.

CNC Sawing

We offer industry leading CNC saws that maximize production and efficiencies to meet customer needs.

CNC Machining

Our machines are able to meet even the most complex production requirements. Ask us about our precise machining capabilities.

Precise, High-Quality and Affordable Services

We’re committed to continuously improving ourselves. We offer reliable and effective broaching services to all of our clients.

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