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Your broaching machine requires precision broaching tools to increase your productivity and efficiency. As one of the best broach manufacturers, Miller Broach offers unparalleled flat broach services for your manufacturing process. Learn how you can accelerate your production and enjoy affordable, custom flat broaches for all your equipment. Don’t let a damaged or inaccurate broaching tool hold you back, but discover ultimate precision and cost-effective performance today.

Advantages of New Flat Broaching Tools

New broaching tools can be expensive and difficult to customize. Continuous use quickly dulls your broach tools and sharpening services can be time-consuming. If your broaching tool is cracked, bent or otherwise seriously damaged, sharpening services are no longer capable of restoring your tooling.

Work with a premier broach manufacturer to find an affordable alternative. A newly designed broach tool is easy to swap out in your equipment. This allows you to keep moving forward with minimal downtime. Affordable broaching tools allow you to postpone sharpening services and quickly swap out your cutting tool to keep your production facility moving forward all day long. When you’re working with high-volume components, a single broaching tool issue can create significant issues until repaired or replaced.

A flat broach is a straightforward tooling option that offers some unique advantages to circular broaching and other alternative options. Depending on your workpiece and cut requirements, you may need a rectangular, octagonal, round or square broach. We use sophisticated software to review your current broaching methods and create an exact match or an improved design for the same process.

Custom Broach Designs

A new flat broach tool is completely customizable for your equipment and manufacturing needs. Here are just a few factors that you’ll be in complete control of as you design your new broach tool with our manufacturing team:

  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Material
  • Tooth pattern
  • Amount

Whether you’re creating one-of-a-kind patented products to fit an industrial niche or turning out high-volume basic workpieces, receive the flat broaching tools that keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. Order bulk broaching tools to ensure minimal downtime or select a single, custom tool for a precision cut.

Versatile Performance for Your Industry

Our flat broaching tools are as versatile as your broaching machine. We work with any industry that requires consistent, custom and creative components for their manufacturing process. Your workpieces are only as good as your tools, so choose a leading company that offers the best in precision broaching tools. Here are just a few industries we commonly work with:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and gas
  • Firearms
  • Fasteners, gears and more

Cutting-Edge Quality and Pricing

Our full-service support ensures you receive the best quality custom flat broaches and related services. If you’re satisfied with our custom broach tooling and price points, ask about ordering your generic broaching tools, receiving broach tool sharpening and other services we can provide. When you choose a specialized broaching company, you can enjoy a diverse range of specialty and standard broaches at competitive prices.

When you need a single flat broach cut on bulk parts but don’t have the necessary equipment or shop space, ask about our flat broach production services. We utilize over 90 in-house broaching machines to provide bulk workpieces to customers who need affordable, reliable components.

Contact Miller Broach

Miller broach is a leader in broaching tool manufacturers. From bulk broaching tools to a few custom flat broach tools, we specialize in affordable and cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to increase your productivity and cutting accuracy and reduce the price you pay for quality broaching tools. We’ll work with you to overcome any obstacle and improve your production design through high-quality broaching tools.

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