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Restore your productivity, reduce downtime and enjoy low-cost maintenance when you choose broach sharpening services for your round broach tooling. As a leader among broach manufacturers, Miller Broach is a premier service provider for full-service reconditioning and sharpening. Learn how we can restore your round broach for precise tolerances and varied applications. Don’t wait for a sudden machine failure, but stay ahead of your broaching machine and tooling maintenance with our services.

Issues With a Dull Round Broach

A dull broaching tool is a weak link in your manufacturing chain. Find out how a dull or damaged tool can cost you time and money in your manufacturing facility:

Reduced workpiece quality: a dull broach can cause tearing, galling and finishing issues on your workpieces. Over time, the slight imperfections can translate into a loss of clients or wasted materials.

Increased risk of machine damage: your broaching machine uses a lot of pressure to create accurate, detailed broaching services. A dull tool requires more pressure, which puts more strain on your vertical or horizontal machine. This can lead to costly repairs.

Damaged tooling: a dull tool quickly becomes a broken one. Dull teeth and spiral annular gullets can fracture when dull and put under extreme stress.

By investing in broach tool sharpening services, you can prevent these issues before they cost your facility. Avoid downtime due to machine repairs and prevent costly tool replacement investments by maintaining your precision round broach tooling.

Sharpening and reconditioning are far more affordable than replacement tooling. If you have a precise round tool, the time it takes to manufacture a new tool can result in significant, costly downtime. Instead, a prompt and accurate sharpening restores the cutting edge and accurate performance of your essential tooling.

Signs You Need Broach Sharpening Services

Does your broach tooling need to be sharpened? Look for signs of common issues to determine whether you need this service. Routine inspections of your workpieces should inform your employees of any issues regarding broaching quality control. Reduced quality is typically a sign of a damaged machine, workpiece or tool.

When in doubt, schedule an inspection from one of our skilled technicians. At Miller Broach, our ISO certified team can easily determine the quality of your broaching tools. Our technicians can quickly inspect your round broach tool and inform you of any repairs or sharpening necessary.

Ask our technician about a service timeline. Avoid sudden breakdowns or emergency sharpening services by scheduling this maintenance step. By creating a routine maintenance schedule, you can work with a leading service provider and avoid any lost productivity and investment due to a sudden drop in performance.

The Miller Broach Difference

We offer far more than simple sharpening services. Enjoy affordable, high-quality services from a leader in broach tooling, repairs and manufacturing for a variety of industries. Here are just a few related services that help us lead the industry in reliable broaching services:

  • Broach tools
  • Sharpening
  • Production
  • EDM
  • CNC grinding
  • New machines
  • Machine repairs and rebuilds

Whether you need assistance in your round broach production or repair services on an accelerated timeline, work with a precision provider of the services your industry needs.

We’re an affordable alternative to ordering new tooling or sharpening your own tooling. We work on an accelerated timeline to ensure your round broaching machine is ready for your high-demand manufacturing process.

Request a Quote Today

Contact us today at Miller Broach to request an inspection and estimate for reliable broach sharpening services. Continue to produce innovative round broach products for the automotive, fastener, firearm, heavy equipment or other industry. Our team at Miller Broach is committed to skilled sharpening, manufacturing and machining of broaching machines, tooling and workpieces.

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