How Many Types of Broaching Are There?

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Have you ever wondered how many types of broaching there are? Whether you’re working with a series of high-quality broach tools in your industrial manufacturing facility or considering adding a new broaching machine to your heavy equipment production facility, find out some basic differences between the various types of broaching that are available today.

Internal or External Broach Tools

Leading broach manufacturers create dynamic broaches for both internal and external applications. Depending on your industry and work-piece, you may be using one or both of these options for your manufacturing process.

Internal broaching services use broach tools that can be either solid or shell broaches. They create internal holes and keyways in your work-piece. A solid broach is more traditional and initially more affordable than a shell broach. However, a shell broach allows you to repair and replace the broach without replacing the pilots.

External broaching, otherwise known as surface broaching, can create slots, contours, pots and straddles. These applications can be far more efficient at high-volume than other machining types, such as milling. Depending on the type of broaching tool you choose, you can create accurate, high-speed cuts and shaping around the outside of your work-pieces.

There are, of course, more specialized types of broaches available. Here is a more in-depth list of different cuts that are possible with specialized broaches:

  • Square broach
  • Diametric broach
  • Internal helical groove broach
  • Single or double keyway broach
  • Rectangular broach
  • Internal gear broach

Push or Pull Broaching

Push and pull broaching are two other types of broaching that you can choose from. These two types describe the movement of your broach tools. Your tool is either pushed or pulled into each work-piece.

Push broaching requires a short column that can withstand extreme compression without breaking. It’s typically used in low-speed applications.

For more high-volume broaching, pull broaching is preferred. This style can be used either horizontally or vertically and is a dynamic way to create precision components at high speeds.

Broaching Machine Differences

These are the main differences between broach tools. Broaching machines also come in a variety of types, which can affect the overall performance of your broaching tools. Learn more about the basic machine types here.

A vertical broaching machine is the most common type used across all industries. Whether you need a surface or internal broaching machine, a vertical option can be cost-effective and reduce the amount of shop floor taken up by your broaching process. A small footprint is one of the leading reasons vertical broaching machines are more popular, but as machines increase in size horizontal broaching machines are becoming more necessary.

If you need a broach tool for an extra-large work-piece, you may need an extra-large broaching machine. Heavy-duty vertical broaching machines can exceed 20 feet in height, so many manufacturing facilities are turning to horizontal options to avoid investing in pits or taller ceilings. Pits can be an expensive investment compared to switching to horizontal machines.

Unique broaching machine options exist, such as chain broaching and turn broaching. A chain broaching machine allows a continuous line of work-pieces for improved production speed. Turn broaching is available as a circular, spiral or linear option and is typically used to machine steel and nodular cast iron crankshafts.

Discover the Best Broaching Type for Your Application

Upgrade your broach tools today by choosing a specialized tool and machine combination for your machining. If you need more information regarding the best broach specifications for your process, contact us at Miller Broach. As a leading broaching company, we’re experienced with providing brand-new broaching machines, precision-engineered broaching tools and comprehensive maintenance services. Discover the best way to upgrade your production facility and improve the precision and volume of your work-pieces today.

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