How Does Pot, Rotary, and Spline Broaching Work?



Broaching is a critical process used in precision, high-volume machining. Whether you’re looking to expand your broaching services or need to rebuild your current pot broaching equipment, discover the differences between pot, rotary and spline broaching today. Discover why Miller Broach is the leading broaching company for your manufacturing needs.

What Is Broaching?

While each of these broaching processes has distinct differences, there are a few basic features that they all share. Every broaching machine uses toothed tools to remove parts of each workpiece. Whether you’re working with plastic, wood, steel or other alloys, broaching quickly and accurately removes a portion of each workpiece. It’s designed for high-volume, high-speed production of basic components for a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace and tool and die.

Pot Broaching

This innovative broaching style is used to cut the outside diameter of your workpieces. Pot broaching is used with a cylindrical workpiece and is named after the pot-like broaching tool holder. Typically, pot broaching tools are held stationary as workpieces are pulled or pushed through it. Pot broaching produces the opposite cut as an internal broach and can be used independently or with other machining options to produce finished components.

Pot broaching uses highly complex tooling, so it’s difficult to find a broaching company that specializes in manufacturing and rebuilding these tool holders and equipment. At Miller Broach, we have the experience and tooling necessary to create precision pot broach tool holders and rebuild your damaged equipment.

Rotary Broaching

Turn to rotary broaching if you need an irregular outer profile or hole on your workpieces. Rotary broaching is also known as wobble broaching because the tool has a contoured edge and is held by a tool holder that holds it at an inclined axis and allows free rotation. Rotary broaching can be performed by either rotating the workpiece or the tool.

The exact cutting angle, contour and rotational speed is crucial to accurate performance. Rotary broaching requires maintenance to keep your broaching tools sharp and at the perfect cutting angle. While it isn’t as precise as pull or push broaching, rotary broaching is useful for creating machine tools.

Spline Broaching

Finally, spline or round broaches are highly accurate tools that create round, plain or irregular splines and spiral tooth forms. Spline broaching allows you to create accurate rifling, splines or other unique applications. This type of broaching is particularly popular for automotive drive train components but can be used in a variety of applications.

Miller Broach repairs and manufactures all sizes and lengths of spline broaches for your industry. These tools require precision tolerance and fine-tuned sizing and finishing, so you need a reliable broaching service to continue to produce high-volume workpieces. Automotive, machine tooling, firearms and agricultural manufacturing companies all rely on spline broaching for precise internal broaching.

Choose the Right Broaching Service Today

Pot, rotary and spline broaching are just a few of the many broaching options available to your company. Whether you need a single, specialized broach in all your workpieces or a diverse range of precision cutting equipment, it’s important to connect with a reliable broach servicing company. These precision tools and tool holders undergo serious stress during day-to-day operations, so it’s essential to keep them sharp and maintenance to prevent extended downtime and increased costs.

As an industry-leading broaching service provider, Miller Broach can resolve any rotary broaching or another broaching issue you may have. From selecting the perfect broaching process for your manufacturing facility to rebuilding your broaching machine on an accelerated schedule, we have the experience and training you need to outpace the competition. Contact us today to learn more about the best broaching option for your company or to request a service.

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