What Is Vertical Broaching?

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Compared to horizontal broaching and other common broaching types, vertical broaching has many distinct advantages. Whether you’re considering investing in a broaching machine or need to work with an industrial broaching service provider to receive bulk workpieces on time, find out more about this common broaching type. Learn how Miller Broach can help you receive the exact broaching services you need to keep your business moving forward.


Vertical Broaching Machines

A vertical broaching machine uses a precision tool to create custom cuts in workpieces at high speeds. Once tooled properly, a vertical broach machine is capable of mass-producing parts to your exact specifications. Vertical broaching can be used in the following broaching types:

  • Pull-down broaching
  • Pull-up broaching
  • Push broaching
  • Surface broaching

Use your vertical machine to remove material from steel, aluminum, brass, bronze or wood workpieces. Depending on the material you use, you may need to adjust the tooling or increase the frequency of tool sharpening and other maintenance steps.

Because of the extreme use of broach machines, broaching tools need to be maintained frequently to prevent damage and keep your workpieces at the highest levels of quality. A dull cutting tool can easily damage workpieces, break the tool or even damage your entire broaching machine. Vertical machines require a consistent maintenance schedule to keep up high production demands efficiently.


Common Applications for Vertical Broaching

A properly maintained broaching machine can rapidly and accurately make cuts in a variety of materials, producing cutting-edge components for aerospace, automotive, tool and die and other industries. The wide range of industries that successfully use vertical broaching machines is only limited by the type of tooling and material being used.

When you work with a premier broaching service provider, you can receive the innovative tooling or completed workpieces you need for specialized industrial requirements. If you’re struggling to fulfill your workpiece needs in-house, consider working with a broaching company for affordable bulk orders of custom parts.


Vertical vs Horizontal Broaching

Because of numerous types of broaching available, it can be difficult to distinguish vertical broaching with other types. Broaching machines can be either horizontal or vertical, but they can also be distinguished as linear or rotary, push or pull and a number of other types.

A basic distinction to understand is vertical vs horizontal broaching. As their names imply, a vertical broaching machine uses an upright design with a vertical stroke. A horizontal machine is less common and uses a horizontal stroke to fulfill many of the same requirements.


Advantages of Precision Broaching Services

The main advantage of a vertical machine is the small footprint. With a vertical orientation, you can enjoy a long stroke length without taking up a large amount of your facility’s floor space. A horizontal machine, however, requires a significantly larger footprint.

The benefit of a horizontal machine is the capability of extreme stroke lengths. Many vertical broaching machines are limited in their stroke length by the height of your facility’s ceiling. A horizontal machine can feature an extra-long stroke length without concern about your ceiling height.


Learn More About Broaching

As a leading broaching company, Miller Broach offers a wide range of broaching services for companies of all sizes. Whether you need workpieces produced for your small business or an extensive broach tooling project at your large manufacturing facility, we have the resources and expertise necessary to keep your company at the forefront of your industry.

Contact us today to learn how Miller Broach can offer you high-end components on an accelerated schedule. Don’t let an inefficient broaching tool, damaged vertical broaching machine or other issue hold you back.

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