Sharpen Flat Broach

Sharpen Flat Broach

Your broaching machine needs to outpace other broach manufacturers and offer precise components at high volumes. A dull broach can quickly halt this process and cost your company significant amounts of time and money. At Miller Broach, we offer the sharpening services you need for your flat broach tools and other broach tools. Explore our services and find out how you can accelerate your production and restore your precision performance today.

Dangers of a Dull Broaching Tool

Your broach tool uses a series of small, sharp teeth to pull or push through your workpiece. Depending on the material and broach machine, this typically happens at high speeds throughout your production process. A new broaching tool effortlessly cuts through a workpiece to provide consistent, accurate parts.

Over time, a broaching tool can become dull. Broaching tools wear out more quickly if you’re working with hard metals, but even soft plastic and wood workpieces can dull a broaching tool. Continued use of a dull broaching tool can decrease the accuracy of each cut, slow your work process and even damage your broaching machine.

A dull broach quickly becomes a bent or broken one. At Miller Broach, we offer comprehensive sharpening and reconditioning services, but these services aren’t possible once your broaching tool is broken.

Benefits of Precision Sharpening Services

Maintain your flat broach tool to improve your productivity and decrease your costs. Here are just a few benefits of quality sharpening and reconditioning services:

  • Improved cutting precision
  • Increased tool life
  • Decreased cost of repair
  • Reduced downtime

A sharpened broaching tool offers like-new performance, without the cost of replacing your broaching tool. If your factory is consistently replacing broaching tools that are dull, bent or otherwise compromised, you could be spending far more in parts and downtime than necessary.

Our Process

At Miller Broach, we use the latest software and tooling techniques to restore your flat broaching tools quickly and affordably. We offer a full-service process that assists you in improving your broaching service.

First, we offer accurate, affordable reconditioning and sharpening. We carefully inspect your broach tools to help you determine the remaining tool life. Our team can recommend a sharpening schedule to maintain your tooling. Once you have a maintenance schedule in place, you can plan ahead for flat broach sharpening services and avoid unexpected broken broaching tools.

We provide these services to a wide range of industries. Broaching machines are flexible and capable of producing high-end components for a variety of needs, so we match our services to this broad range of industries and services.

Related Broaching Services

Learn more about other broach services from Miller Broach. We not only recondition your flat broaches, but we can manufacture and retool your machines for you. If you have a bulk order and don’t have the in-house production capabilities to handle it, we offer production broaching.

Work with Miller Broach to sharpen your broaching tool, repair your broaching machine and supplement your productivity. Our state-of-the-art facility has over 90 broaching machines to provide precision components to supplement your manufacturing process.

Just like your versatile broaching machine, our versatile broaching services are highly personalized. Discuss your particular manufacturing needs and work with a team of engineers who can assist you in designing broaching tools, broach production or maintenance services that fit your budget and your production requirements.

Contact Miller Broach

Contact us at Miller Broach to receive a broach sharpening estimate or learn more about our other industry-leading services. Don’t let a dull broaching tool compromise your production or slow down your line. Work with us and set up an affordable, reliable maintenance program for all your flat broaching needs.

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