What Is Horizontal Broaching?

What Is Horizontal Broaching?

Horizontal broaching is a common industrial manufacturing technique used to produce precision components at a fast rate. If you need bulk specialized parts, or you’re considering changing the type of broaching machine you’re currently using, Miller Broach can help. Find out how the premier services of a leading broaching company can save you time and money.


Broaching Machines Types

There are many types of broaching available, depending on the exact part specification. Your workpieces and the types of cuts needed to create your finished product dictate the best broaching machine for your manufacturing needs. Here are just a few types of broaching machines to consider:

  • Horizontal broaching
  • Vertical broaching
  • Internal broaching
  • External broaching
  • Rotary broaching
  • Linear broaching

Many of these broaching types can overlap. For instance, many horizontal broaching machines are designed for rotary broaching or pull broaching. While horizontal machines used to be the most popular, vertical machines are frequently used as a space-saving option.

Vertical broaching machines offer similar results with a dramatically reduced footprint. If space is a premium, this makes it an attractive option. However, vertical broaching machines are limited in their stroke length based on the height of your facility. While a vertical broaching machine should have enough clearance for most applications, extra-long strokes require a large horizontal machine.

Of course, these are just basic categories of broaching machines. These dynamic machines come in a range of sizes and characteristics, and specialized broaching machines are available for unique cuts for specialized parts.


Horizontal Broaching Characteristics

A horizontal broaching machine can be used for pull, continuous, rotary and surface broaching, depending on the type of machine. Compared to vertical machines, a horizontal broach machine is capable of including a longer stroke.

Broaching machines are described based on the tonnage and stroke limits. For example, a horizontal broaching machine may have six tons of force and a 48-inch stroke. Your workpiece will greatly determine the size and specifications of broaching machine required, so many broaching services use multiple broaching machines for precision performance at a range of sizes.

These broach machines can create the necessary first steps to a finished product or create cuts ready for distribution. It’s essential to use tools that are precision-engineered for your exact workpiece, or else you may be spending additional time and energy with unnecessary steps. Once you receive specialized tooling from a leading broach specialist, you can enjoy continuous use with minimal downtime for routine maintenance.


Advantages of Horizontal Broaching

Compared to a vertical setup, there are a number of benefits to choosing horizontal broaching. A horizontal machine offers a dramatic range of cutting shapes, particularly for internal broaching. It can also create squares, hexes, keyways and splines easily with extra-long strokes.

Horizontal broaching machines are easy to adjust and retool. Depending on the exact specifications of your broaching requirements, you can enjoy little or no costs associated with tooling when you use an industrial broaching service.

You can also use a horizontal machine to create external slots, forms and contours in your workpieces. Because of the ease of retooling, horizontal broaching is capable of mass-producing a variety of specialized workpieces for your production needs.


Discover Premier Broaching Services at Miller Broach

Learn more about broaching services by contacting Miller Broach. As a premier industrial broaching company, we offer a variety of broaching services to meet your needs. From retooling and broach machine rebuilding to high-end production of broached workpieces, we have the capabilities you need to keep your company at the forefront of your industry. Contact us today to learn more about horizontal broaching and how you can use it to improve your production capabilities.

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