What Is a Broaching Tool?

Manufacture precision machining components with a high-quality broach tool. Broaching tools come in a range of styles and applications to provide innovative machining solutions. Most broaching tools use multi-tooth designs to create successive cuts at high speeds. Learn more about the variety of broaching tools available and how you can use one to create custom parts.

broaching tools

Basic Types of Broaching Tools

You can separate most broach tools into two basic categories: push broach and pull broach. Alternatively, you can also divide broaches into internal or external broaching machines.

Both push and pull broach tools use similar strategies to machine materials. A push broach tool must be short enough to withstand extreme pressure without breaking or buckling. A pull broach can be used horizontally or vertically and creates accurate cuts as a workpiece is pulled across its teeth.

Internal broaches create keyways or other internal holes for a number of industries and applications. An internal broach is an excellent way to create simple or complicated components at high speeds.

External broaches, also known as internal broaches, are used to create exterior contouring or defined edges. Create built-up designs for inserts, sections and indexable tool bits with this dynamic broaching design.

Broach Tool Components

Your broach tooling is made of a laundry list of precision parts. A quality broach manufacturer or repair service must understand every part in detail in order to create, service or repair your broach. Here are some of the common broach components and nomenclature your service provider should be familiar with:

  • Front pilot
  • Length
  • Rear pilot
  • Cutting teeth
  • Tooth land, pitch and gullet
  • Chip load
  • Chipbreakers
  • Shear angle
  • Side relief

Because of the high-speed, high-volume nature of broaching, your broaching tool teeth can quickly become damaged or dull. Be sure you have a routine maintenance schedule in place to service these and other high-demand areas of your broaching machine. Enjoy high-volume production year-round thanks to quality repair services.

How Broaching Tools Work

Depending on the type of broach tool you’re using, you’ll enjoy a range of precision machining in soft and hard materials. Broaching is similar to reaming, shaping, milling and boring and is competitive with each of these processes. For high-production applications, broaching can be a superior option.

Unlike typical machining processes, broaching combines all three levels of cutting teeth into one tool or a string of similar tools: rough, semi-finish and finish cutting. Each of these machining steps is achieved in quick succession, making broaching a popular option for bulk machining of precision components.

The ideal broaching tool needs a reliable broaching machine. Choose a vertical, horizontal, chain or turn broaching machine depending on the materials you’re using, the type of broaching you’re looking to achieve and your budget.

Typical Broaching Application

A broach tool and machine can be used for a wide range of industries. Automotive parts, fasteners, firearm components and industrial manufacturing applications all commonly use broaching. It’s important to work with a leading broaching company that understands your industry standards and can provide comprehensive servicing for all your broaching needs.

Thanks to the dynamic nature of broaching, there are many ways to specialize your broaching service. Whether you need to broach plastic soft metal or hard metal workpieces, customize your broaching machine to fit your exact industry specifications.

Quality Broaching Services

At Miller Broach, we specialize in broach tool services that include sharpening, reconditioning, replacing and grinding your broaching tools. From minor sharpening services to comprehensive machine rebuilds, work with us to enjoy industry-leading broaching tools and high-speed machining. Contact us to discover how we can help you compete in your industry and meet your demanding quality control levels with durable, reliable broaching tools.

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