What is Internal Broaching?

internal broaching


Searching for a cost-effective way to produce customized, precision components on a large scale? Learn how internal broaching from an industry-leading broaching service provider can help you achieve your goals. Here are some basic steps and broaching services you can enjoy when you partner with a leading manufacturer. Understand the differences between internal and external broaching and find out which service you need for your business.


What is Broaching Used For?

Whether your broaching manufacturer specializes in automotive, fasteners or industrial manufacturing, broaching is used to produce precision parts and equipment. If you need a precise hole or unique shape cut from a soft metal, internal broaching can work for you. Here are the basic steps to the internal broaching process:

  1. Select a soft material, such as brass, bronze or aluminum.
  2. Choose the type of broaching service you need, such as rotary or vertical broaching.
  3. Place the piece(s) onto the machine or assembly line.
  4. Include the precise broaching tool necessary for your application.
  5. Apply cutting fluid.

These steps vary dramatically depending on the type of internal broaching machine and your particular needs. Unlike external broaching, internal broaching is capable of making internal cuts. This process is used for making keyways, and can also be used in a myriad of industries.


Types of Internal Broaching

Once you select internal broaching, there are still several innovative methods of achieving your exact specifications. Depending on your needs, here are some common internal broaching options for your manufacturing process:

  • Rotary broaching
  • Vertical broaching

As the name implies, rotary broaching uses a rotating broach tool to create your design. It’s especially useful if you need an asymmetrical hole created in a single pass. Depending on the design, your broach manufacturer will use a screw machine or a lathe. This type of internal broaching is often used if the component is made of a harder material and uses a lathe rather than a typical broaching machine.

Vertical broaching is used to push or pull-down applications. These space-efficient machines offer a range of strokes, or cut lengths, to create your desired component. This broaching machine style is often used for deep slots or other external uses.

Each type is designed to minimize the time spent creating highly specific components. Each piece needs to meet quality standards while still being produced on a strict timeline. Some piece parts require multiple broaching machines, while some machines are capable of creating completed parts in one precise movement.


Broaching Services

A variety of industries rely on broaching services for their precision components. Keyways, gears and irregularly shaped parts are all created using a broaching machine. When you choose a leading provider of broaching products and services, you’ll receive innovative and personalized solutions.

Work with a company that can customize their broaching equipment for your components. While some standard components can be created, broaching is best used for custom-made components. This requires new broach tooling to create a truly unique part.

It also requires high-volume capabilities. Broaching is an effective way to take a single, innovative design and produce it in large quantities. Whether you’re at the cutting edge of automotive design or working to create cost-effective and safe medical equipment and implants, find an industry-leading broaching service.

Whether you have your own broach equipment or need affordable broaching production, turn to Miller Broach. Our team is capable of sharpening and reconditioning your broach tools or creating brand-new tools to get the most out of your system. We also have a diverse line of broaching tools and equipment ready to produce all your precision components in house. From broaching machine repairs to vertical broaching services, contact us today to learn how Miller Broach can help you achieve your goals efficiently.

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