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A round broaching machine is ideal for creating quality workpieces with precise tolerance. Our services position us as a leader among broach manufacturers. Discover how our high-speed, high-quality production can increase supply and create specialized, mass-produced components for your industry.

Precision Production

Create internal drive components in the automotive industry and other precision workpieces in your industry. Round broaching is capable of producing products for many industries, even with irregularly shaped needs.

Our production broaching services use over 90 machines to create custom, quality components. If you need a unique component for your manufacturing, don’t invest in costly machinery or unique round broach tooling. Choose a service provider who can handle in-house production services to keep pace with your broach needs.

Innovative production is all about the right tooling. It can be difficult to find quality tooling for your industry. Whether you need a generic fastener or an innovative, one-of-a-kind product, we can assist you in finding or creating the tooling you need. A round broach tool uses spiral annual gullets with either round, plain or spline style. Depending on the intricacy of your project, you may need multiple tools to create a finished product. Our manufacturing line incorporates multiple machines to create finished workpieces.

Increased Supply for Sudden Demand

If you have an unusually large order, it can be difficult to meet strict deadlines on time. Don’t lose an important client or delay an order due to your in-house manufacturing process. Some orders require excess components, so enjoy quality round broach services for steel, aluminum, plastic or other workpiece materials.

As a quality broach tooling provider, we can accommodate even the most complex round broach projects. If we don’t have the tooling in stock for your project, our ISO certified technicians can retool a machine to handle your process.

Our production line can create over 10,000,000 parts a year to accommodate even the busiest production schedule. Don’t let your company get behind because you have an issue with one of your machines or you’re onboarding too many large clients at once.

Affordable Manufacturing and Other Broaching Services

Bulk broach manufacturing means that we can pass on savings to you. We mass-produce components to your exact standards and ensure you receive them in time to meet an accelerated deadline.

Depending on your work material and the quality of your tooling, you may need to sharpen and service your broach tooling every 8,000 cuts. This process can be time consuming and reduce your profits. Instead, outsource your broaching production and enjoy hassle-free, maintenance-free broaching.

Our expert technicians and fully equipped production line can reduce the cost of manufacturing broached workpieces. Don’t invest in costly equipment or additional tooling if you need a specialized piece, and don’t let a sudden breakdown cause your orders to be delayed.

As part of a full-service broaching facility, we’re also equipped to handle all the additional services you need. From new machinery and tooling to repairs and sharpening, our turn-key solutions keep your broaching equipment ready to handle any order.

Choose Miller Broach for Your Broaching Needs

Round broaches are just a part of the varied production we can handle. Internal and external, round, spline, rotary and other broaching styles are all covered by our manufacturing facility. Enjoy all the repairs and manufacturing assistance you need to keep your business at the forefront of your industry.

At Miller Broach, we’re confident we can provide the external and internal broaching services you need. Learn more about our manufacturing services for round broaches by Contacting us online or by phone at 810.277.9809. Avoid manufacturing delays and don’t let a damaged broach machine stall your process or create additional costs.

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