When is a Broach Tool Ready for Sharpening?

broach sharpening

Have you noticed a decrease in the overall quality of your broach tool? Whether you have a single internal rotary broaching machine or multiple external linear broaching machines in your large manufacturing line, learn how to spot the signs of a dull broach and find a reliable and affordable broach sharpening service to restore the quality of your products.

Signs of a Dull Broach Tool

As a leading broach company, you need to efficiently produce precision components. An inefficiency in the process could cost a significant amount of productivity. A dull broach can stall your entire process and reduce the quality of your broached components and, in turn, your final product. Here are some signs of a dull broach tool that needs broach sharpening:

  • Tears
  • Galling
  • Poor finish
  • Dull broach cutting edge teeth
  • Signs of rollover
  • Damaged or missing cutting edge teeth
  • Holes below size

Even if you don’t see signs on the broach tool or your products, carefully watch the process. Sometimes, a dull broach can cause the material to stick to the tool and temporarily pick it up. You may also notice more effort or pressure being used to create holes.

A major sign that you need to start a maintenance program is if you consistently break broach tools. If your blades routinely snap, you may be using a dull broach. This is particularly common when attempting to produce high-speed cuts in hard materials, where a sharp blade is essential.

Causes of Dull Broaching

The most common cause of dull broaching is infrequent maintenance. Your broach machine should be periodically inspected and maintained to continue to operate at peak efficiency. The exact schedule of a maintenance program depends on the type of broach machine and the material you’re working with.

High-tensile steel and other hard materials cause your broach tool to wear significantly faster than softer materials. The speed, pressure and operating time can all affect your particular maintenance schedule as well.

Dangers of Dull Broaching

Just like any tool, an improperly maintained broach tool is inefficient, inaccurate and potentially dangerous. Dull broaching can result in more scrap as components are improperly cut. Even if the part is salvageable, you’ll spend more time fixing the issue.

A dull broach can easily snap, which poses a danger to your employees. Once this happens, the entire machine needs to be shut down until a new blade is installed. If you’re working with specialty components, you may not have a replacement blade in stock, which causes even more lost productive hours.

Benefits of a Consistent Sharpening Schedule

When you invest in consistent, professional maintenance for your broach machine and cutting tool, you’ll enjoy accurate cuts in a timely manner. Broach manufacturers need to stay on a strict schedule in order to beat the competition.

When you sharpen your broach consistently, you’ll enjoy a longer lifespan of your tool. Broach tools, particularly tools for unique broaching applications, are often costly and inconvenient to replace. Keep your tool working longer by keeping it sharp.

You’ll also create industry-leading components through precision cutting. A sharp tool creates an accurate cut, which is particularly important for precision components. If your parts are being used in an industry that puts a premium on exact specifications, you can’t afford to reduce your quality standards.

Restore Your Broaching Machine Today

At Miller Broach, we offer industry-leading broach sharpening and reconditioning services for all types of broach machines. We work with a range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to utility vehicles and home appliances, to assist you in maintaining the highest broach tooling standards. Request a quote today to learn how you can sign up for a consistent maintenance schedule or receive a one-time sharpening service to help you achieve more.

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