What is External Broaching?

What is External Broaching


When you need precision components produced at high volumes, you need a quality manufacturer. For irregular shapes, gears and other applications, discover how broaching services work to apply internal or external cuts efficiently for your custom parts. Discover how external broaching can give you the competitive edge you need.


The Process

First, a broaching manufacturer uses a custom broach tool to make the cut. Broaching tools use a number of cutting teeth to create unique shapes and irregular holes in piece parts. This process is highly refined and customized to each individual part. This creates a reliable, repeatable process capable of high-volume production.

Unlike an internal broach, external broaching uses a cutting tool that has drafted-outward sides. This creates a precision cut on the outside of the part. Whether you’re creating gears, bolts or other components, the exact shape and application of the broaching tool can vary.

Once an external broaching machine is set up, you can create a large number of identical parts. This manufacturing process is intended to increase the volume of precision of heavily used components. Of course, the parts are only as precise as the broaching tool. These tools are highly specialized, so you need to work with a broaching tool service provider who is capable of creating custom tools that are sharp and ready for high-speed performance.


Types of External Broaching

External broaching can be accomplished through horizontal or rotary broaching. A rotary broach uses a broaching tool and a tool holder. Similar to a lathe, this spinning tool uses irregular cuts to create an outer profile that fits your specifications.

Whether you need straight edges or a contoured finish, a rotary broach is capable of versatile external broaching applications. This machine uses a one-degree misalignment to minimize contact between the part and cutting surface. With this setup, you can power through harder materials than other broaching services.

Horizontal broaching, on the other hand, is a classic broaching machine design that pulls the broach through the part in order to achieve an internal or external cut. Most horizontal machines are used for internal broaching, but they can be retooled for your external applications. Many horizontal broaching machines have been replaced with the space-efficient vertical broaching design, which offers similar products from a more compact machine.


External Broaching Services

External broaching is used in a variety of industries to produce large quantities of precision components. Here are just a few industries served by the latest external broaching technology:

  • Medical
  • Heavy equipment
  • Automotive
  • Firearms
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial manufacturing

These are just a sampling of the industries that successfully use external broaching. This process is best used on softer metals, such as aluminum and stainless steel, while some broaching machines are equipped to work with carbon fiber and plastic.

If your industry requires unique components made of metal or plastic at high volume, an internal or external broaching service may be right for you. Whether you’ve patented your own design or want to reduce shipping costs by fabricating your own components, external broaching can be an affordable solution for many industries.

For broaching manufacturers, you may already know the importance of quality broaching services and the difference between external and internal broaching. If you already have a broaching machine, consider how new broaching tools, tool sharpening or tool reconditioning can service your machinery and help you improve the efficiency of your production line.

Learn more about external broaching, including horizontal broaching and rotary broaching, today. Contact us at Miller Broach to learn how our comprehensive services can help you grow your business. From high-volume broaching manufacturing to effective repair services for your own broaching equipment, choose our experienced team to compete successfully in your industry.

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