What Is Broaching Used For?

With a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes available, it can be difficult to understand the differences between various types. If you need mass-produced components for your production needs or if you’re considering adding a new production line to your facility, broaching can help you. Miller Broach can help you with any broaching services or needs, from specialized components to comprehensive machine repair services.

The Broaching Process

Broaching is a manufacturing process designed to make custom, precision parts at high speeds. There are many types of broaching machines, but they all use tools to remove a certain amount of material from a blank or machined component. Depending on the broach being used, the process can create a circular hole, irregular exterior shape, a keyway or more irregular shapes.

Similar to reaming, shaping and milling, broaching is a highly specialized, precise manufacturing process. Each broach machine is designed to create a single hole with maximum precision, speed and uniformity. In these regards, broaching is a highly competitive machining process, particularly when using soft metals and plastic components.

Of course, there are certain applications where a broach machine may have reduced efficiency. Particularly hard metals may require routine tool conditioning, and every specialized cut requires a new. This can be an issue if your company lacks the resources to rebuild and fabricate your used broach tools. Thankfully, a qualified broaching company can assist you in all the customization and routine maintenance you need.


What Is Broaching Used For


Broaching Machines Categories

Broaching machines can be designed for nearly any type of machining, so it’s important to understand the type of machine in relation to its purpose. Here are just a few popular categories:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Linear
  • Vertical

The two most distinguishing features are internal and external. An internal broach is used to push or pull a broach tool through a starter hole. The most common example of an internal broach is a keyway. Nearly all keyways are produced using a broaching machine due to the efficiency and quality of these tools.

External, or surface broaching, is used to remove material from the surface of your workpieces. This process creates a contoured or flat surface that is precise and uniform. For example, some manufacturers use an external broach to create the angle of jaws on a pair of pliers.

Common Industries and Applications

Broaching is a popular and highly successful process that can be seen in many industries. Here are some industries that typically work with broaching machines and services:

  • Fasteners and gears
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Heavy equipment
  • Automotive

From the latest nuts and bolts to highly specialized aerospace components, broaching machines are diverse enough to operate in a number of industries, but offer reliable precision for daily production.

However, when broaching particularly durable materials or operating a broach machine for extended periods of time, servicing is required. Many manufacturing facilities perform inefficiently due to an inoperable machine or damaged  tool. The resulting downtime creates real issues that can affect your overall quality and productivity. It’s important to keep your tools serviced and your machine operating at peak efficiency for the best results.

Learn More From a Premier Broaching Company

If you need superior broaching services, contact us today. Miller Broach is a leading broaching company with the resources you need. From broaching repair services to in-house manufacturing, you’ll find comprehensive solutions for your industry.

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